💳Customs and Import

If you’re sending us zines from overseas make sure to take note! Also note that we’re not lawyers, this isn’t legal advice and if you’re unsure please consult an appropriate professional 😅

Correct customs declarations

It is super important that you complete the customs declaration (CN22/CN23) correctly before your package is sent 🙏 Seriously! There is often very little we can do if it turns out this isn’t right, and it can be expensive 😭

You must declare the goods, their HS code and their value accurately and truthfully. Not doing so means the men with big dogs will come and hound you down (and your package will get stuck for ages)! 🐶

HS Codes

HS Codes are harmonised goods codes which tell Border Force what you’re bringing in and which category it’s in. Then it can be mapped to the appropriate import charge.

If you’re not sure what the correct code is, please check here: trade-tariff.service.gov.uk

For zines and books you should use 4901990000.

If you have other components (eg. stickers, patches) you must declare them separately unless they are pre-bundled (ie. sealed in with) a zine, and are making up a minor part of that bundle.

Contact Details

Please make sure our address, email and phone number and correct and supplied to your shipping provider. This is super important so they can contact us for customs clearance.

You should also provide our EORI - just ask us for it via email.

Quantities and Values

Please make sure you accurately inventory the correct quantity of items that are being imported.

You should be declaring the value of the goods as sold.

If you are shipping us materials to fulfil a Kickstarter, you should declare the retail price of each item, as paid for by the backers.

If you’ve sold us zines directly, or are stocking them with us for sale, you should declare the wholesale cost or price you sold the zines to us at.

Paying customs charges

If we get a bill customs charges associated with your pre-advice, we’ll let you know before paying it.

Unfortunately, usually the only option is to simply pay the charge of the shipment will be returned to sender or destroyed.

We won’t charge you extra for paying the fee, and if we think there has been an error (and your shipment reached us via Royal Mail or Parcelforce) we will submit the documentation to dispute the fees.

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