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Our pricing has changed. Please read our blog post for more information.


We'll pick, pack and ship your orders on your behalf. The single price includes all materials and shipping charges. We charge flat fees across the EU and internationally to make it easier for you to charge your customers the right price.

How the weight bands work

Each band includes one SKU up to (not including) the next band. It just applies to the weight of your items - we'll handle the packaging.

Additional SKUs are charged at a flat £1.20 per additional pick.

Remember - everything must have a barcode. See Goods In for more details.


Untracked airmail with no compensation.

Up toUK PriceEU PriceROW Price


















Tracked airmail with compensation up to 50 GBP for loss or damage.

Up to trackedUK PriceEU PriceROW Price






















We are able to offer DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) on both tracked and untracked orders to the following EU countries:

  • Germany

  • France

  • The Republic of Ireland

  • Portugal

  • The Netherlands

  • Cyprus

  • Malta

  • Austria

  • Switzerland

  • Luxembourg

  • Norway

  • Sweden

We charge a flat 25% of declared value to cover the import tax & duties of your zines, and our additional administration costs associated with doing so.

Note that this is a fixed fee and doesn't vary based on local taxes or the goods you're sending. This allows you to charge your backers a single percentage of tax for the regions we support DDP to.

What is DDP?

Usually we deliver items without customs charges or duty paid. The recipient receives notification from the postal service and pays the levied charges and an administration fee. With DDP, we pay any charges on your behalf before the border so your zines are delivered quicker, more reliably and without the recipient having to take any action.

Note: we can also quote based on individual circumstances, please contact us for a quote!

Storage 2023

Storage is chargeable monthly per SKU per box (minimum 1 SKU per box).

A box is a standard 29.5 x 23 x 19cm (these are fairly close to the boxes printers ship in).

# of additional boxesMonthly cost

Per box, flat fee


Distribution 2023

Distribution is in addition to storage, and is charged per 25kg box shipped within the UK. Additional SKUs included are charged at our standard additional item fee (per SKU, not per item, in this case)

# of BoxesCost











International distribution (including customs cleared in the EU) is possible, but quoted for individually to give you the most accurate and up to date cost.

Bundling and Assembly

We don't routinely do assembly, however we do consider requests to help people out.

Assembly is taking multiple items (eg. multiple zines, player sheets, stickers etc.) and combining them into a single pack to be sold as a combined SKU.

Please contact us if you think you might need this!

Additional charges 2023


Inventory of stock - counting stock in storage or received in goods in


Shipment received without pre-advice


Invalid shipping data - chargeable for us to fix it


Shipping return files* - tracking (if available), weight etc.


Barcoding items - inclusive of time and materials

60p per item

* Shipping returns files are included free of charge for any shipments with tracked items


We invoice monthly on 30 day terms in GBP. For bulk projects we invoice on completion, but may require a deposit.

You can pay by bank transfer or by card.

We can charge backers directly for shipping - check out Crowdfunder Distribution

Changes to pricing

Please see our Updates page for details on changes to pricing and contractural arrangements. Pricing on here may change - please make sure you check with us and agree via email if you require a fixed quote.

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