Goods-in Procedures

As you might expect, we get a lot of mail and it’s important that we keep track of exactly what is coming and going! 😅 We’ll try to keep this as lightweight and flexible as possible - we know you can’t always control how packages are sent to us.
You must have an agreement with us (via email) to hold a particular SKU before it is shipped to us.

📄 Pre-Advice

Once you know your item is shipping, fill out our pre-advice form:
You will receive email confirmation and be able to edit your pre-advice if you make a mistake.
Note: shipments that are received without a corresponding pre-advice will be chargeable, and may be rejected.

✔️ Checking

When we receive your shipment, we’ll let you know and confirm we have received it in good order and we believe it to be complete.
If we need to count or inventory your items because it’s unclear what we have been sent, this will be chargeable per SKU in the shipment.