🥳Crowdfunder Distribution

🤔 How it works

  1. You run your crowdfunding campaign and get a load of awesome backers!

  2. Let us know the SKUs that we’ll ship (check out Goods-In Procedures), particulaly if you have complicated tiers

  3. Once backers have submitted their addresses, you send us the shipping data (check out Goods Outbound) and we'll send them an invoice to pay their exact shipping fee

  4. You send us the stock to fulfil directly from your printer

Charging backers for shipping

Instead of you collecting shipping fees with shipping addresses, we take your order data and use it to calculate the most accurate shipping fees for the backer to pay.

We'll email them an invoice (via Stripe) which they can settle up with us securely and directly.

This has a few advantages:

  1. You don't need to set up shipping rates or worry fiddly weight bands. Our current pricing can be used as a guide on your crowdfunding page if you'd like.

  2. Backers are charged exactly the right amount close to when their item ships. You won't be exposed to fluctuations in the price of shipping, de-risking your campaign

  3. Coming Soon: we're aiming to collect EU taxes, avoiding unexpected and expensive administration fees for backers

We charge backers a flat rate 75p service charge to cover the incidental costs we incur - time, invoicing software, data transformation etc.

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