🗄️Wholesale Distribution

We’ll hold stock on your behalf from your printers, and ship it out to stores on demand. Quick, easy and painless for you!

🤔 How it works

  1. We agree in advance the SKUs that we’ll hold on your behalf (check out Goods-In Procedures)

  2. You send us the inventory which we’ll store on your behalf - make sure you keep your own inventory tracking so you don’t oversell!

  3. You’ll ping us an email when you need to send out some stock and we’ll let you know the pricing options

  4. We’ll get it sent out and let you know the tracking

🛃 Customs

We handle all the customs paperwork on your behalf, however any customs duties or charges are something the recipient will need to settle on receipt and you are responsible for giving us accurate information to complete it.

You must give us a valid EORI for all EU recipients.

For orders into the EU we can offer DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)*. We will bill you for the relevant VAT in advance and pay it to the customs authority via our carrier.

* this excludes France, where we are unable to offer DDP as French law requires the recipient to pay customs directly

🇫🇷 Businesses in France

If you are shipping to a business in France, we are unable to offer DDP.

We are also required to provide the following data:

  • valid French EORI

  • valid French registered EU VAT Number (derived from the SIREN)

We will not be able to ship any bulk B2B orders without this data. If it is incorrect this may result in the shipment being delayed or returned to us. Shipping costs are unfortunately non-refundable.

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